Dolly Trailer FAQ

Will the Right-On Dolly Trailer work with all Seitech dollys?

No, the Right-On Dolly Trailer was designed for the Seitech dollys carrying a Laser®, Sunfish®, Byte®, Force 5®, Zuma®, or similar. More recently, the Right-On Dolly Trailer for Seitech 70006 was developed for the MegaByte. Additionally, the IntensitySails dolly for a Laser® and Sunfish® works with the Right-On Trailer.

How does the trailer perform on the highway?

Very smoothly. Right-On Trailers are DOT-certified for interstate speeds and are regulated by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The trailer has custom single leaf springs that provide a soft ride for a light weight boat. The trailer springs set the designed trailer carrying capacity at 300lbs but the extra strong frame and running gear could be used to carry twice this rated load. As with all towing, drivers should allow for the trailer’s extra length and weight and maintain adequate clearance when changing lanes and be prepared to reduce speed to suit weather and road conditions.

How do I license my trailer with the DMV?

Most states require it to be registered. We provide you with a Mfg. Certificate of Origin and a VIN number. Take those to your Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and you will be issued a license plate. The Certificate of Origin is located with the nameplate in the long box (4”x4”x74”)

Will my dolly withstand the vibration of carrying the Laser or Sunfish piggyback on the Right-On Trailer?

Yes, the Right-On Trailer has soft springs and a heavy frame to absorb road vibration. Then, the dolly rides on its pneumatic tires which also absorb vibration. Finally, the Right-On Trailer supports the dolly directly at the bow support which puts the load into the trailer and not the dolly.

Will the dolly cause any damage to my Laser or Sunfish during transport on the Right-On Trailer?

No, the dolly was designed to protect the boat. We do suggest the use of the Seimar Cushion Cap on the Seitech bow support to prevent gelcoat abrasion.

Can the Right-On trailer be shipped to my house? How does it ship?

Yes, it will be shipped via FedEx Ground. The trailer itself will ship in four separate boxes.

Is the Right-On Trailer easy to assemble?

If you have performed trailer maintenance on electrical lights and wheel bearings then the assembly will be easy. However, if the experience of using a torque wrench or wire stripper would be foreign then you may want to purchased an assembled trailer or seek assistance from someone with a good understanding of basic mechanics. In either case, the assembler should follow the directions and figure on 3-5 hours for assembly.

Can I carry 2 boats on the Right-On Trailer?

Yes, Purchase the Pile-On Rack to carry additional boats on the Right-On Trailer.

Can I transport my Laser sitting on the Seitech gunnel supports?

No, the gunnel supports should not be used during over the road transport. The boat needs to be resting on the sling.

During loading of the Right-On Trailer, the center tube of my Seitech is flexing. Is this normal?

Yes, during the loading process the center tube rides on the rollers and flexes. However, after the dolly is fully loaded on the Right-On Trailer the center tube relaxes and returns to normal position.

Will the Right-On Trailer carry a Seitech dolly with type “F” (fat) wheels and axles.

For the Laser® or Sunfish® with type “F” wheel order the Right-On Dolly Trailer for Megabyte. This trailer has wider Wheel Brackets than the standard Right-On Dolly Trailer.

What size ball do I need for towing a Right-on Trailer and what are the dimensions of the assembled Right-On Trailer?

1-7/8” ball. The trailer is 137.5” long, 69” wide, and weighs 178lbs.  The overall length of a Laser loaded on the Dolly Trailer is 16′.  The trailer tires are 4.80-8(D).

What type of electrical connection is required?

Standard, Flat-4 type black rubber connection. The tow vehicle’s Flat-4 should have 1 male pin (the exposed ground connection), and 3 covered female connections (live circuits for stop, turn, and running lights). The Trailer’s Flat-4 has 3 male pins and one female – to match the vehicle’s live Flat-4.

What is the warranty for a Right-On Trailer?

The Manufacturer warrants the trailer to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year.

The Manufacturer reserves the right to replace any warranted defect at its discretion of such part or parts as inspection shall disclose to be defective provided the defective part(s) is(are) shipped within the warranty period.

Damage from abuse, misuse, overloading, alteration from its original manufacturer condition, or failure to perform normal maintenance-see owner’s instruction, are excluded from coverage under this warranty.

Paint surface and light bulbs are not covered by this warranty.

The manufacturer makes no warranty with respect to accessories, including damage to property are excluded from this warranty.

Right-On Trailer Co. LLC will extend these stated policies for an addition year beyond the Manufacturer warranty.

What is the Return and Refund Policy for Right-On Trailer Co.?

Return and Refund Policy

Right-On Trailer Co. LLC will allow product returns for a period of 30 days after purchase. It is the responsibility of the buyer to cover all return shipping costs. The buyer will be refunded the purchase price of the product minus shipping and a 15% restocking fee will be applied. Missing parts will be deducted from the refund.

Right-On Trailer Co. LLC is committed to providing quality products for our customers. However, shipping costs for trailer products are substantial so product returns are costly. Please, contact us with all trailer questions prior to purchase. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.


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